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Property Management


We are a full service property management company.  I personally have been doing residential property management since 2009.

I have modeled my business plan to give homeowners such as yourself a few different options.  Not all homeowners need or desire full service management.  We have options for that as well. 

Tenant procurement only.  Our fee for this service is ONE HALF of the first full month’s rent. 

This service includes the following:

  •  Marketing and showing the property.

  •  Qualifying the tenant (credit check, rental verification and income verification).

  •  Lease

  •  Move-In Inspection

(We guarantee the tenant for 1 year.  If the tenant does not fulfil the lease obligations, we will provide the same services at no charge.)

Tenant Procurement and Full Service Management.  Our fee for this service is ONE HALF of the first full month’s rent with a flat fee of $99.00 per month for the remainder of the lease.

This service includes the same services as above plus:

  • Move-out inspection, 6 month inspection.

  • Maintenance calls.

  • Collection of rents.

  • Late rent collection, 3 day notices.

  • ACH owner payments monthly.

  • Monthly and yearly owner statements.

  • HOA violations.

  • Help with evictions as needed.

Landlord Buffet.  Our fee for these services are on an as needed basis.

  • Marketing and showing the property.  $50 per showing

  • Credit check, employment verification and rental verification.  $50 per applicant

  • Lease prep and signing.  $75

  • Lease renewal. $75

  • Collection of late rent, 3 day notice posted.  $50

  • Handle all maintenance calls.  $25 per month

  • Inspections.  $75

  • HOA violations. $50

Anything that may come up during the term of the lease, if not listed, can be negotiated.


Homes for Rent

All of our homes are currently rented.  Please check back in a couple of days!



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